WATCH: Pro-Gun “Lobby Day” Attendees Pick Up Trash After Rally Is Over

Caroline Eaker, a reporter for WSET ABC 13 captured a video that quickly went viral of pro-gun marchers picking up trash after the massive rally in Virginia was over in a socially responsible manner.

CNN Reporter Sara Sidner, who was on site at the Lobby day rally reported that threats which caused Gov. Northam to call for a State of Emergency had “simply not emerged.”

In addition Sider said the police had been “very clear” in telling her they had not had to make a single arrest all morning.

The peaceful and drama-free rally that drew over 20k by some estimates, was in stark contrast to what many progressives expected and in some cases fear-mongered over.


David responded “After a climate change rally, the crowds litter & walk away. How telling.”

Julia wrote “Wish the women’s group had been that considerate.”

Darren wrote “So the exact opposite of an environmental rally that leaves trash and discarded signs all over the place.”

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