WATCH: Pro-Abortion Activist Pushes Elderly Pro-Life Woman, Breaks Her Leg!

A recently-surfaced video from earlier in the month is quickly going viral on social media, depicting a brutal attack on an elderly woman outside an abortion clinic in Kentucky.

In the video, victim Donna Durning is seen approaching a woman leaving the clinic, who she attempted to speak with before being violently shoved to the ground, breaking her leg.

“I had a little card from Little Way Crisis pregnancy center, and I just offered it to her,” said Durning, who reportedly told the woman, “Honey, if you need to talk to anybody, there’s a number on here.”

During added, “I saw a lot of hatred in her face and, I’m not exaggerating – I saw the face of Satan in her eyes.”

As of Thursday, the assailant had yet to be identified.