WATCH: Pressley calls Loeffler, Perdue “the Bonnie and Clyde of corruption”

Appearing on MSNBC with Joy Reid, “squad” member Ayanna Pressley called Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue “the Bonnie and Clyde of corruption.”

“Georgia, do your thing,” Pressley said “I know we’re asking a lot of Georgia. But do your thing, Georgia. Do what you do. All eyes are on Georgia. Mitch McConnell …Loeffler, Perdue – they are the Bonnie and Clyde of corruption.”


Meanwhile, Saturday, Senator Kelly Loeffler tweeted “[email protected] has used the Bible and his pulpit to encourage and justify abortion-on-demand for YEARS.”

She added “it’s disgraceful, and it’s wrong. I will ALWAYS protect the most vulnerable among us.”

Senator David Perdue tweeted a clip of Donald Trump Jr. stumping for him and Loeffler and pleading “You are the last line of defense in the U.S. Senate. Get out there between now and January 5. Vote EARLY. Do not squander this opportunity.”