WATCH: Portland Rioters Set Fire to Historic Sculpture Honoring Oregon Trail Pioneers

Thursday night, rioters in Portland set fire to a monument in Chapman square honoring Oregon trail pioneers.


This is how the statue looks

According to Wikipedia:

The Promised Land is a bronze sculpture depicting a pioneer family, including a father, mother and son, at the end of their journey. It was commissioned by the Oregon Trail Coordinating Council for $150,000 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Oregon Trail.

The Smithsonian Institution offers the following description:

Standing figures of a pioneer family, circa 1843. The parents stand to the back and their son stands between them in front. The father is bearded and wearing a long-sleeve shirt, trousers with suspenders and mid-calf boots. He points with his proper right hand and his proper left arm is around his wife, who wears a long prairie dress shawl, and apron. Her hair is in a bun, and she holds a doll to her chest in her proper left hand. The boy wears trousers with suspenders and his shirt sleeves are rolled up. He holds a Bible in his proper right hand, against his proper right leg. A wagon wheel and leaning rifle stand behind the father figure.

Late Thursday night, Portland Police tweeted a riot has been declared.