WATCH: Portland Rioters Set Building With County Sheriff’s Office on Fire

Tuesday evening the Multonah Co. Sheriff tweeted:

@PortlandPolice has declared the gathering near the Multnomah Building a riot after individuals vandalized, repeatedly smashed first floor windows with rocks and threw burning material into an office.

This building houses the County Sheriff’s office.

Antifa smash out windows of the Multnomah Building in Portland tonight and throw lit materials inside to set the ground floor on fire.

They did this to multiple other buildings over the course of their 80+ days of terror in the city.

After smashing out the windows of the Multnomah Building in SE Portland tonight, antifa set the inside on fire. They are trying to burn down the building. #PortlandRiots #antifa

Statement by Chair Deborah Kafoury

“Tonight, the Multnomah County Building, the headquarters for the largest safety net provider in Oregon, was vandalized and set on fire by a small group of protestors.”