WATCH: Portland rioters throw trash over fence to federal building, light it on fire

Portland Protesters were caught on video throwing their trash over a fence to the federal building and then cheering while lighting it on fire.

Per Shelby Talcott:

Some of the people still here are taking all the trash from the park and hurling it over the fence at the courthouse “Cops are trash!” One of them keeps yelling. “Clean up the park!” A few of them are adding.

Talcott wrote “It’s been lit on fire. This could get HUGE…there’s a massive amount of garbage on the other side of the fence”

“Another big fire inside the fence and a third on the street. Wow.”

“The feds is on fire … let the motherf*cker burn…burn baby burn” they chant.

“Officers are responding to the fires”

“Some crowd control munitions were fired, forcing the remaining people to retreat into the park. Officers are putting out the fires and standing guard. It’s just before 3:30am.”