WATCH: Portland Protesters Brawl, Burn American Flag Where Elk Statue Fountain Was

On the night before July 4th, chaos continued in Portland. Journalists Andy Ngo and Sergio Olmos tweeted multiple updates.

Olmos wrote “A lot of the night has been intratension with protestors.” Ngo wrote “With no police around to attack tonight in downtown Portland, antifa fought each other.”

This is Day 37 of protests in Portland.

Ngo wrote:

Militant antifa have again gathered outside the Justice Center in downtown after attacking a courthouse yesterday.

They’re moving barricades into the street & are burning US flags in the fountain that used to house the elk statue before it was torched.

This is what’s left of the Portland elk fountain after antifa militants set it on fire two days ago in the name of BLM.

The flames severely damaged the base of the statue, causing the city to remove the elk over fears it could topple & injure someone.

No one was arrested.