WATCH: Police Block Protesters Hoping to Tear Down a Andrew Jackson Statue Near the White House

Park Police are blocking a group of protesters hoping to tear down an Andrew Jackson statue near the White House.

Per Shomari Stone of NBC DC:

BREAKING: Metropolitan Police and US Park Police move demonstrators back from Lafayette Square Park. Two separate protesters tell me the groups want to tear down the Andrew Jackson statue near the White House.

NBC Washington reports protests became tense Monday evening as police pushed demonstrators away from the statue of President Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square.

News4’s Shomari Stone reports some groups tried to take down the statue.

Social media users posted video of protesters moving a temporary fence placed around the monument and, eventually, some of them climb on top of it to put ropes on the sculpture of Jackson on a horse.

Crowds standing around a small iron fence bordering the statue yelled, “Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Andrew Jackson has got to go!”

Protesters clashed with police when officers stepped in to form a barrier in front of the statue.

Video shows U.S. Park Police spraying some protesters with what appeared to be pepper spray to get them to move back.