WATCH: Pirro Delivers Blistering Warning to Deep State “Crime Family”

Judge Jeanine opened her Fox News show with a blistering message for the Deep State, “you’re about to be exposed…”

Breitbart reported that on Saturday night, Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” host Jeanine Pirro predicted the so-called “deep state” was on the verge of being exposed, which she called “true reality TV.”

During her “Opening Statement” segment, Pirro called former FBI Director James Comey the “head” of what she likened to a crime family, adding that he and others in that “crime family” were arrogant and believed they were above the law.

“We are not going quietly into the night. Grab your popcorn, Junior Mints or whatever makes you happy,” Pirro said.  “The real show is about to begin. This will be true reality TV — no scripts, no rehearsals, just a gang of criminals pointing fingers at each other to save their own hides. A version of true crime and reality show ‘Survivor’ — the deep state exposed.”

Watch the video:

Joy P responded

Comey clearly made up the rules as he went & blatantly disregarded basic ethics as he manipulated narratives to fit the outcomes he desired. Btwn an Obama presidency & an FBI dir like Comey, lies & deceit were commonplace & our cntry has suffered as a result. Disgraceful!