WATCH: Pelosi Now Appears to Argue Trump’s Travel Ban Didn’t Go Far Enough

Appearing on CNN, Speaker Pelosi argued Trump’s China restriction wasn’t “this great moment” and appeared to argue it didn’t go far enough.

Nancy Pelosi:

Tens of thousands of people were still allowed in from China. It wasn’t as it is described as this great moment. There were Americans coming back or green card holders coming back, but there were tens of thousands. So, if you’re going to shut the door because you have an evaluation of an epidemic, then shut the door.


On February 24th while touring San Francisco’s Chinatown, Pelosi encouraged the public to come out and visit.

“It’s exciting to be here, especially at this time to be able to be unified with our community,” Pelosi said “We want to be vigilant about what is out there in other places. We want to be careful about how we deal with it, but we do want to say to people ‘Come to Chinatown. Here we are, careful, safe and come join us.’”


Many responded on Twitter to Pelosi’s latest remarks and blasted her.

Mbora Mneecy wrote:

At the same time Nancy was encouraging people to go to Chinatown. Just imagine if Trump banned US citizens from getting into their country, the left would be screaming for another impeachment or calling for the use of Ammendment 25.

Another Twitter user wrote:

Nancy Pelosi wanted Trump to keep American citizens from entering the country?

Here’s Nancy Pelosi on February 26th saying the President shouldn’t use “scare tactics about people coming back to our country.” Starts around the 45 second mark.

Rev wrote:

CNN has lost allll credibility- thank goodness for the internet and social media – no more hiding

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