WATCH: Pelosi says Trump is “like a man who refuses to ask for directions” on the pandemic

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that President Trump was “like a man who refuses to ask for directions.”

Nancy Pelosi:

The president has made so many bad executive decisions. We wish he would make a good executive decision and do that. Observing his behavior, I have concluded that he is like a man who refuses to ask for directions. All of the answers are there. The scientists have the answers. We know that testing, tracing, treating, distancing, masking, sanitation can stop the spread of this virus, and yet the president continues to go down the wrong path and refuses to ask for directions from scientists who know better than any of us.

President Trump has made it very clear he wants schools to reopen in the fall, tweeting last week:

Now that we have witnessed it on a large scale basis, and firsthand, Virtual Learning has proven to be TERRIBLE compared to In School, or On Campus, Learning. Not even close! Schools must be open in the Fall. If not open, why would the Federal Government give Funding? It won’t!!!