WATCH: Pelosi reacts to Barrett’s confirmation, says “this is a very sad day for our country”

Reacting to Judge Amy Coney Barretts’ confirmation Monday evening, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “this is a very sad day for our country.”

“Within the past 24 hours we’ve seen the President of the United States say, in his delusional state, ‘We’ve rounded the curve on this. We’ve rounded the turn.’ We haven’t,” Pelosi argues “We’ve heard his Chief of Staff tell us, eyes wide open, as you said, this is a decision, they do not intend to control the virus.”

Pelosi later tells Chris Hayes “It’s only eight days until the election, people are voting now. As you know, over 60 million people have already voted. So, in the middle of an election, they’re putting this forward, eight days until the election, fifteen days until the first, the oral arguments on the Affordable Care Act. And the President said within this past 24 hours – anyway, it was reported in the past 24 hours, that he was there to overturn the Affordable Care Act. And all that that means for pre-existing conditions, people who need access to quality Affordable Care Act, they’re coming after you, as the expression goes.”

“So, it’s very sad because it’s the undoing of the system of checks and balances,” she adds.


Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation speech: