WATCH: Pelosi on Trump “he has gone too far this time…this is dangerous”

Appearing on AM Joy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today “The president’s words have weight… Medical professionals have come forth and said no, he has gone too far this time… As a mom and a grandmother I am embarrassed sometimes by how the president talks… But this is dangerous”

Nancy Pelosi:

I just want to say how sad it all is, the numbers are staggering in terms of the infections, but also, of course, the deaths so serious, every family a tragedy.

And yet we have these comments coming out of the White House of the president has been irresponsible and we have insisted on the truth.

He said it was a hoax. He said it would go away magically. He said all kinds of things that were not true, and people believe him. He’s the president of the United States.

“The president’s words have weight. They have weight. So now that he’s gone to this limit, at least it means that lots of scientists and medical professionals have come forth and said, no, he has gone too far this time.

As I said, as a mom and a grandmother, I’m embarrassed sometimes how the president talks, he’s crude in that you don’t want children to hear that, but this is dangerous. This is dangerous. So we have put forth four bills in a bipartisan way to help take us into the future, ignoring some of his comments, and instead, paying attention to science, evidence, data, fact, and truth, insisting on the truth.