WATCH: Pelosi Motorcade BLOCKS TRAFFIC So She Can Eat a $35 Salad in Beverly Hills

Let them eat cake? No, more like, let them eat $35 dollar salads – at least that’s what Nancy Pelosi was reportedly doing in Beverly Hills, while her security detail blocked traffic.

American Mirror reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi often urges her fellow Democrats to focus on “kitchen table issues” that Americans care about most, despite her own lifestyle of the rich and famous.

The 79-year-old career politician was recorded on video Friday dining at The Ivy, an iconic Beverly Hills eatery, where she munched on a $35 salad as an army of Secret Service and state police blocked off the road for the special occasion, X17 reports.

“California Representative Nancy Pelosi isn’t afraid of spending a little dough on a good salad!” the video description read. “The House Speaker dined at the iconic Ivy restaurant in Beverly Hills with her family, escorted by a HUGE entourage of Secret Service security.”

The footage shows at least five vehicles – three large SUVs and two state police cruisers – waiting for Pelosi and family in front of the restaurant, with one of the state police temporarily blocking traffic to ensure their safety.

Watch the video: