WATCH: Pelosi defends calling Trump “morbidly obese” says “I didn’t know that he would be so sensitive”

Appearing on MSNBC with Nicolle Wallace, House Speakers Nancy Pelosi defended calling President Trump “morbidly obese.”


The Hill reports Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday defended her comment claiming that President Trump could be at greater risk of complications from taking an unproven coronavirus treatment because he is “morbidly obese,” adding that she didn’t anticipate he would be “so sensitive” about his appearance.

“I didn’t know that he would be so sensitive. He’s always talking about other people’s … weight, their pounds,” Pelosi said during an interview Tuesday with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace.

“I think he should recognize that his words weigh a ton. Instead of telling people to put Lysol into their lungs or taking a medication that has not been approved except under certain circumstances, he should be saying what your previous guest mentioned, things that would help people,” she said, referring to Trump’s musings about disinfectants last month.

Trump initially dismissed Pelosi’s characterization of his weight earlier in the day, saying, “I don’t respond to her. I think she’s a waste of time.”

But roughly five minutes later, Trump said at a press conference on Capitol Hill in response to an unrelated question, “Pelosi is a sick woman. She’s got a lot of problems, a lot of mental problems.”

Per USAToday, though Trump is obese, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standard, Pelosi is incorrect in labeling him “morbidly obese.”

After last year’s physical, the 6-foot-3-inch Trump weighed in at 243 pounds. According to the CDC, that gives him a body mass index of 30.4, which is just over the threshold for what the public health organization labels “obese.”

The CDC defines three levels of obesity. The highest level, Class 3, is sometimes called “morbid” or “severe” obesity,” but that requires a BMI of 40 or greater.