WATCH: Pelosi Claims Trump’s Failures Cost American Lives “I think delaying and denial were deadly”

Appearing with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, House Speaker Pelosi faulted President Trump’s coronavirus response and argued he is directly responsible for the avoidable loss of American lives.

Ari Melber:

Looking at the economic hardship, which of course, is part of the bill you mentioned that you’re working on. Washington Post reporting 22 million unemployed. This was wiped out a decade of job gains. The U.S. has not seen this level of jobless, the Post reports, quote, since the Great Depression. Speaker, do you view this as simply a product of this tough pandemic, or do you view this as a Trump recession?

Nancy Pelosi:

It’s probably a combination. Lets right now talk about the pandemic because that’s a matter of life and death. We’re in the situation that we’re in because early into this, the president refused to accept the facts.

So the situation we’re in is largely of his making, calling it a hoax, saying magically it will disappear, not calling upon the Defense Production Act to protect the workers who are trying to save lives as they risk their own lives in doing so.

Ari Melber:

You just laid out your view of his failures coming from the Trump White House on down. Do you think those failures cost lives?

Nancy Pelosi:

Yes, I do. I think delaying and denial were deadly. I think they cost lives. So you say okay, that’s what I didn’t know. The reason I’m speaking out and I sent a letter to my colleagues which I’m overwhelmed by the response I received nationally and from my colleagues insisting on the truth is let’s not continue on a path of misrepresentation and falsehood, let’s get to the science, the evidence, the data, and facts.


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