WATCH: Pelosi Blasts Trump: “I Don’t Know If He Understands Anything”

Blasting President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during a presser “I don’t know if he understands anything”

Nancy Pelosi:

Well, I–I think safety–safety is first, and people have families at home that they have to go home to. They don’t want to carry someone else’s virus there. So when the President of the United States says he doesn’t want to wear a mask and understands the bad example–well, I don’t know if he understands anything but understand–somebody must there over there understand the bad example that is to the country and that we are at a place now we don’t have to be.

This is a President who doesn’t want to wear a mask, who–who again calls the virus a hoax, called the virus a hoax; it is going to go away magically. It is going to be a miracle that is going to make it go away. I am a devout Catholic, I believe in miracles, and I pray for them, but I think that science is an answer to our prayers to and science says wear a mask, test, test, trace, treat, keep your distance.

The President doesn’t support any of that; he has events that are counter to that. So we have–we have a moment I am–I am in a mood because this is a matter of life and death and this administration has failed miserably. I don’t know. I mean it is about justice, it is about justice in policing, it is about justice in healthcare and recognizing the coronavirus is having a disproportionate impact on communities of color. So when you talk about sports, well, you have to talk about safety and health and the families of the people that–that sports figures go home to. They know that–they know that very well.

But again they have to make–everybody has to make the judgment in terms of testing, tracing, treating, keeping distance, how does that work and what we are doing. But we do miss our sports. We miss our baseball; we miss–I don’t know if we are going to be missing football. We will see as we go along. I guess Dr. Fauci thinks we will be. Soccer, well, some sports are more shall we say have more contact, physical contact than others, so let’s hope and pray for a vaccine.

Let’s hope and pray for a cure, let’s hope and pray for testing, tracing and treating but I am telling you two days in the row of record numbers of cases saying one of those days the President going to overturn access to quality affordable care in the–in the–so if you detect my dismay about saying why don’t you go and agree with them, find your area of agreement well, we always want to, that is why in our bill we have negotiation. The President said he wanted to negotiate. I guess not anymore. Somebody got to him, I guess.

In any event, we just have to defeat the virus so we can open up our economy so that we can send our kids to school, but we have to have it based on science and governance, and we have an answer to that, and that is the HEROES Act. So I would hope that the Senate is going to have to take some version of the HEROES Act soon. I hope it is sooner rather than later. Thank you.