WATCH: Pelosi Attends Floyd Protest Surrounded by Security Guardsude

Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attended the George Floyd protests in Washington D.C. flanked by security guards.

The Hill reports Pelosi’s show of solidarity with the protesters comes as House Democrats weigh legislative options for responding to the public outrage over the recent string of deaths of unarmed black Americans.

Her appearance also comes two days after law enforcement cleared protesters outside the White House on Monday night with tear gas to make a path for President Trump to hold a brief photo opportunity outside St. John’s Episcopal Church after it had been vandalized.

Demonstrations against police brutality and racial profiling have been ongoing in Washington, D.C., and other cities nationwide for the last week.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) are preparing legislative proposals for the House to consider as soon as this month, such as banning police from using chokeholds and ending the Defense Department program that gives surplus military-grade weapons to local police departments.

CBC members have also introduced measures in recent days to formally condemn police brutality and call for a commission on the legacy of slavery.

“We’ll be intense, proactive, and, again, because the American people have identified with all of these injustices, we believe, at long last, we may have some success in the United States Senate with it,” Pelosi told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” earlier Wednesday.