WATCH: Paul says Milley should be removed, court-martialed if calls with China confirmed

Wednesday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said Gen. Milley should be removed and court-martialed if calls from China are confirmed.

Paul said “It should be investigated immediately, today, he should be questioned under oath, if not with a polygraph test, on whether it happened. If it happened, he should be immediately relieved of his duties and court-martialed. You have to find out if it’s true. This is innuendo and rumor and propaganda perhaps. But, if it is true he absolutely immediately needs to be removed.”

The same day, Joint Staff spokesperson Col. Dave Butler confirmed Gen. Milley had calls with China.

“The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs regularly communicates with Chiefs of Defense across the world, including with China and Russia,” Butler said.

‘These conversations remain vital to improving mutual understanding of U.S. national security interests, reducing tensions, providing clarity and avoiding unintended consequences or conflicts. His calls with the Chinese and others in October and January were in keeping with these duties and responsibilities conveying reassurance in order to maintain strategic stability,” he added.