WATCH: Patrick says Biden admin has “no credibility” on COVID with border crisis raging

Appearing on Fox News, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick said “I was education chair in the Senate before becoming lieutenant governor. We need to keep the Department of Education out of our lives. I don’t want to hear from him or the president or anyone else in the Biden administration until they close the border. This is just hypocrisy.”

“How dare you tell Florida or Texas or any other state what to do in our state regarding the coronavirus when you are allowing … yesterday we apprehended 800 children who were alone crossing the border. We’re focusing on 2 million crossing the border illegally.”

“We don’t want to hear about it. You have no credibility. And the CDC flip-flops more than a fish when you take him off the hook and throw him in the bucket. Fauci has no credibility or the World Health Organization,” he added.