WATCH: Pastor at Virginia Church Shows America How to Pray for Trump

President Trump made an unscheduled stop in Virginia to pray for the victims of the recent mass shooting. While there, the pastor at McClean Bible Church showed America how to pray for President Trump.

Sunday was a National Day of Prayer for President Trump.

Watch the video:

Western Journal reported that on Sunday, President Donald Trump decided to take time to pray for the victims and community of the Virginia Beach shooting. With his hair in disarray from a day of golf and wearing a golf hat, Trump walked into McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia.

The pastor, David Platt, invited Trump onto the stage, where the president removed his hat.

Platt held his Bible in his right hand and placed his left hand on back of most powerful man in the world.

And then Platt prayed to the all-powerful Creator of the world.

Platt’s prayer was, as The Gospel Coalition writer Joe Carter stated, a lesson “how we can and should pray for our presidents.”

Watch the video: