WATCH: Palin rips Judges dismissing Trump election challenges “It’s baffling what we see in terms of the lack of courage”

Appearing on Newsmax TV, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted judges who dismissed legal claims made by Trump and Trump allies on procedural grounds, calling them “sheep.”

“It’s baffling what we see in terms of the lack of courage,” Palin vented.

“That’s tragic for our country. We do see so many sheep, just following those who I think are giving them the perception that things will be made easier for them if they’ll just follow, if they’ll just follow these Democratic leaders like AOC ”

Palin then turned her vitriol at the progressive NY lawmaker, who is selling a “Tax the Rich” sweatshirt on her online campaign store.

“Holy moly. Do people hear what she’s saying?” Palin asked. “She’s saying, anybody who is working hard, you’re out there working, you shouldn’t be living in poverty. And people like me are saying, ‘Well, duh, AOC, then quit taking their money, those who are working so hard, and giving it to able-bodied people who are choosing not to work.’

Palin continued “the things that these Democrat leaders are saying today, they’re so twisted. It’s so Orwellian. Who would have thought that “1984,” the book, was going to be their playbook.”