WATCH: Outrage After Anti-ICE Protesters Replace American Flag With Mexican Flag

Anti-ICE Protesters replaced the American flag with a Mexican flag at a Colorado Demonstration event, sparking widespread outrage.

Many on social media were not pleased with the act.

From DailyCaller

Protesters replaced an American flag with a Mexican flag during a demonstration at a Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Aurora, Colorado on Friday.

The anti-ICE protesters also ripped down a “Blue Lives Matter” banner that signifies support for police officers and vandalized it by spray-painting “Abolish ICE” on the flag. They then put the defaced emblem below the Mexican flag and upside down, Fox Denver-affiliate KDVR reported.

KDVR reported on-scene as the events unfolded with its reporter tweeting that the “group by the doors is growing. Though most protestors are still on the street.”

The hundreds of demonstrators were at an ICE facility in Aurora to protest the detention of illegal immigrants and the anticipated ICE raids that will reportedly begin on Sunday in Denver and other U.S. cities.

The protest was apparently just one event in a national strategy by anti-ICE groups that goes by the hashtags #LightsForLiberty, Fox News reported. They are also calling their campaign the “March to Close Concentration Camps,” aiming to shut down all border detention facilities while granting immediate entry to the United States for all detained illegal immigrants, according to the event’s Facebook page.