WATCH: Organized Caravan of Cubans for Trump Show Their Support in Miami

An organized caravan of Cubans for Trump showed their support over the weekend. Many social media users shared videos of the event.

Miamiherald reports the sound of honking cars is as synonymous with Miami as croquetas, beaches and the Heat, but on Saturday that honking turned excessive and had residents wondering what was going on.

An organized caravan of cars was blasting horns, waving flags and shouting through megaphones letting the world know about their support for President Donald Trump.

The caravan had their car windows painted with slogans like “Vote for Trump,” “No Communism,” “Viva Trump,” “Free Cuba, “Cambio es ya” (change is now) and “Abajo La Dictadura” (down with dictatorships).

As the caravan drove on, people hung out their sunroofs and windows waving Trump, U.S. and several Latin countries’ flags.

Beatrice Ponce, who has lived in Miami-Dade for about 25 years, said she was driving through Brickell when she saw the caravan. She said it stopped traffic for about 50 minutes as all the cars drove through. She was happy to see such support.

“I think this is something that needs to be addressed. In the last few years, we’ve seen liberals being able to speak and conservatives being silenced,” Ponce said.

She said those participating in the caravan were mostly young.

“What surprised me the most was to see young people doing this,” Ponce said. “I was very happy to see kids fighting and saying they do not want communism in the U.S.”