WATCH: O’Reilly claims Biden is “out to get” VP Harris and “there is no good will”

In a new segment of “The First” Bill O’Reilly claims President Biden is “out to get” VP Kamala Harris and “there is no good will” between the two.

“Somebody leaked to Politico that Vice President Harris’s staff doesn’t like her, or the job, or Washington, or air conditioning, I don’t know,” O’Reilly said. “But it was a leak, out of Harris’s camp, that Kamala doesn’t have control over her staff, that’s primarily it. So somebody wants to hurt her.”

“President Biden put her in charge of the border in a passive-aggressive stance,” he continued. “Kamala Harris said, ‘Hmm, I’m not going down there.’ And only went down there last week when ordered to because Trump went this week.”

“There is no good will between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” he added. “Biden doesn’t like her because in a debate in the Democratic primary Mrs. Harris said that Joe Biden is a racist. Remember? ‘I’m that little girl was me.’ And Biden is not going to forget that.”