WATCH: Only one person in CNN panel raises hand for Biden being the “clear winner”

In a moment that conservatives will certainly speculate did not go how the producers at CNN hoped it would, more people in an undecided voters panel raised their hands that Trump won the debate than panelists who said Biden won the debate.

The CNN host set up the informal poll by saying “Ok, so these are undecided voters. I guess the big question here is…was there a clear winner from this group?”

“Let me do a quick show of hands if you will,” she continued. “Who in this group…raise your hand if you say Joe Biden won the debate.”

Only one person raised their hand.

The host says “one person ok.”

She continues “Show of hands if you thought Donald Trump won the debate.”

At least 2 clearly raised their hand.

The CNN host then chose NOT to say out loud the number of people who raised their hands.

Instead she says “and of course, that doesn’t mean necessarily mean that those people raising their hands have made up their mind who they’re going to vote for but as you can see there really was no clear winner in this group. A couple of people felt strongly one way or another.”