WATCH: Omar, Tlaib Featured in Anti-Cop “Brown Power” Music Video

“Squad” members Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are featured in the “Brown Power” music video by Zeshan B.

Zeshan is an Indian-American Muslim singer.

The music video is clearly anti-cop, portraying police officers as villains.

Other notable names in the video include Jesse Jackson, Cornel West, Hasan Minhaj and Linda Sarsour.

From TheFader

At the end of the poem in the opening of the video, you say “of what’s to come next.” What is to come next?

Zeshan B: What’s to come next” is really what’s happening now in real-time: the browning of America and for that matter, the browning of the rest of the world. And I believe that so many unsavory aspects of public discourse today are rooted in a very palpable backlash against that browning. There’s a lot of people and entities out there who are deathly afraid of a world that is less vanilla and more chocolate.

But no matter what, I feel that no one—no matter how hard they try—will have the power to halt this “caramelization” of vanilla and chocolate. Whether it be interracial marriages (like my own), business partnerships, artistic collaborations, elections, sports—people are slowly starting to embrace a more brown paradigm that is more inclusive, more dynamic and more accountable to the complexities of the human race.


At this moment there is a stunning number of thumbs down ratings compared to thumbs up ratings on the video.