WATCH: Omar says progressives don’t have a big enough seat at the table with the Biden team

Appearing on CNN, progressive “squad” member Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was asked by Ana Cabrera if she thought Bernie Sanders was right in saying he did not think the progressive movement has a big enough seat at the table with the Biden team.

Omar replied “I do and this is, you know, what we have been saying and asking for. We worked diligently in trying to make sure that the people understood that it was important for us to get rid of Trump, but to have someone who was going to be partner with us in governing for progress in our country, and we continue to be hopeful in having that partnership as we have governed on behalf of our country.”

DiscussingBiden’s picks so far for his administration Omar said  “I think that they have been quite diligent in putting together a really well-thought-out transition team, and we continue to see what comes out of the next couple of weeks as they solidify that list, and we will continue to push and make sure that our asks are clear and concise.”