WATCH: Omar says it’s “the Republican playbook” to “blame muslims, immigrants…black people…women”

Appearing with Chris Hayes on MSNBC Wednesday, Ilhan Omar accused Republicans of blaming muslims, immigrants, black people and women as their “playbook.”

Chris Hayes asked Omar “did you expect that you would be pulled into this? Because you have become kind of the, a go-to figure in these moments for the Republican party.”

Omar replied “sadly, this is the Republican playbook. We saw it with Donald Trump that any time they are faced with consequences for their actions to undermine our democracy, they blame Muslims, immigrants, they blame black people, they blame women.”

“I just happen to embody all of these identities and I want to make sure that we are clear on this,” she continued. “This is not about me and it should not be about me. This is about a member of the Republican caucus who has repeatedly incited violence and Republicans can’t just wave a magic wand and attack the Black Congresswoman.”