WATCH: Omar claims Biden admin plan is to “deploy maximum humanity and dignity” to migrants unlike Trump

In response to over a dozen Republican Senators visiting the U.S. Mexico border to see the conditions in which migrants were being held, Ilhan Omar came to the defense of President Biden.

Omar claimed the Biden administration is working on “how to deploy maximum humanity and dignity…in the most effective way to address a problem that was created by an administration that believed that they had to create maximum pain in order for immigrants not to come to our border.”

Omar added “so when you have an administration now that says ‘we are going to deploy maximum humanity and dignity in treating people in regards to our policies,’ then we are excited because we see partners in humanity, we see partners in children who are coming to our country seeking help.”

Footage from Texas Senator Ted Cruz showed highly overcrowded conditions at the CBP facility.

Rep. Chip Roy also shared photos of disturbing conditions.