WATCH: Omar argues eviction moratorium not enough, calls for “automatically canceled rents”

Appearing on Democracy Now! progressive squad member Ilhan Omar argued the eviction moratorium was not enough and rent needs to be cancelled as well.

Amy Goodman asked Omar “So, also, if you can explain what you have introduced, the Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act? I mean, the fact is that even if there’s a moratorium, isn’t it true that, afterwards, people who can’t afford to pay their monthly rent will have to pay it all back?

Omar replied “Well, the problem right now that we are seeing is that, you know, we allocated billions of dollars to these municipalities and to states, and that money is taking so long to get out the door. With my legislation, we would have automatically canceled rents, and landlords would have had the ability to get those resources themselves. And it would have reduced the amount of money that is being utilized for administrative costs.”

“The backlog and the slow process that we are seeing right now is due to the fact that there are, in some cases, pages-and-pages-long paperwork that people have to do, and there are a lot of people who still are not aware that they can access this money. And I thought, you know, oftentimes we create policy that creates more problems than addressing the actual issue, and having direct legislation that provides direct solution, like the cancel rent and mortgage act, is really important,” she added.