WATCH: Obama Refers to Himself 270 TIMES During a 11-Minute Speech

No one is more proud of Obama than Obama. He proved that once again, during an 11-minute speech where he referenced himself a whopping 270 times.

American Mirror reported that it is said that Millennials are self-absorbed, but it turns out their idol is, too.

President Obama spoke to a group of young people in Berlin on Saturday, and during his speech and Q & A, he talked about himself a total of 270 times.

According to the president’s remarks, the Obama Foundation is making a push into Europe by supporting community organizers there to affect governmental change. (Hello, collusion? Influencing foreign governments?)

Obama began by regaling the audience with how many times he’s been to Europe.

“You know, it’s been over 10 years since I spoke to a slightly larger crowd,” he said, referring to the 2008 speech before 200,000 people when he was a presidential candidate.

“I’ve been back to Germany I think at least ten times. I’ve been to Europe countless times,” he said.

“I’m as excited to be here with you as I have been ever when I have come to Europe,” he said moments later.

“When I left office, or maybe a few months before I left office, I had to make some decisions about what I would do after the end of my presidency and I knew that I wanted to catch up on my sleep,” Obama told the crowd of 300.

“I was one of the youngest presidents elected,” he boasted, “which meant I was one of the youngest ex-presidents.”

Watch the video: