WATCH: Obama opens up about what worries him, fears the “guardrails” of Democracy are being challenged

Appearing on CNN, former President Obama opened up about what worries him about the Country today.

Obama said “I saw some of these trends happening during my presidency. But to see not only a riot in the Capitol around what historically had been a routine process of certifying an election, but to know that one of our two major political parties, a strong majority of people in this party, actually believed in a falsehood about those election results, the degree to which misinformation is now disseminated at warp speed in coordinated ways that we haven’t seen before.”

“The guardrails I thought were in place around many of our democratic institutions really depend on the two parties agreeing to those ground rules and that one of them right now doesn’t seem as committed to them as in previous generations, that worries me,” he continued “and I think we should all be worried.”