WATCH: Nunes say Biden’s policy on China is “speak loudly and carry a twig,”

Giving a twist to the “speak softly and carry a big stick” quote from President Theodore Roosevelt, Rep. Devin Nunes mocked President Biden by calling his China policy “speak loudly and carry a twig.”

“Well, the Biden administration seems to be going into the policy, instead of, like Ronald Reagan used to say, peace through strength. I think their policy is speak loudly and carry a twig. So, you ask, what do the Chinese really want?” Nunes asked.

“What the Chinese are most interested in is, right now, the United States is the world’s reserve currency. The Chinese would like to have that, although they’re manipulators too. But what they want to do, if they can just get it so that people do not trust the U.S. currency, they will benefit tremendously. And so what the Biden administration is doing, it’s not really, it’s not just globally. It’s also how much money they’re borrowing here in Washington, where we’re printing money,” he added.