WATCH: NRA Members Fire Back at Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Super Bowl Ad

The NRA fired back at Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Super Bowl ad with a powerful ad on their own featuring proud gun owners.


Mike Bloomberg suggests that disarming minority males like myself will keep us alive. But I have news for you – Mike Bloomberg is a white billionaire who has no place in telling me how I can defend myself or my loved one and Mike, as an African American male that you want to disarm, I promise you will never take away my Second Amendment. I am not afraid of Michael Bloomberg.


As the mother of a three-year-old little boy, my family means everything to me. As a woman, I believe that the best way to protect my family is with a firearm. And Michael Bloomberg will never take that right away from me. I’m the gun lobby and I am not afraid of Michael Bloomberg. Mike, come and take it.


It’s very important to me to keep my home secure and that is why there is a gun on the left side of my bed and the right side. Mr. Bloomberg, your home is protected by armed guards at all times. Why can’t I exercise my Second Amendment rights to protect mine? I am not afraid of Michael Bloomberg.


This is the ad Bloomberg aired during Super Bowl 54.

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