WATCH: Nick Sandmann on Rittenhouse verdict “I think he should sue the media”

Appearing with Sean Hannity, Nick Sandmann said after the Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty verdict “I think he should sue the media, but it’s really a personal call that’s up to him. “In January, it will be three years since everything happened at the March for Life, and I’m still looking at another two years until the cases that go to trial are resolved, so it’s really a personal call.

“As a 17-year-old in Kyle’s case and mine 16, your mind is still developing,” he continued. “So to deal with an overload of stress where you have this feeling that half of the country; hundreds of millions of people; hate you for something that you are innocent of – but how you are painted can do a lot to you mentally.”

“It takes a very strong will to be able to resist that and keep a level head. I think that Kyle Rittenhouse is dealing with that right now,” Sandmann added.



Conservatives push Rittenhouse to SUE media outlets after not guilty verdict