WATCH: NH Trump Rally Crowd Chants “Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!” for Pelosi

Is Nancy Pelosi the new Hillary Clinton for Trump rallies?

While President Trump accused Pelosi of mumbling behind him during his State of the Union Speech, the New Hampshire crowd of thousands revived the familiar chant of “LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!”

The Hill reports supporters at President Trump’s rally in New Hampshire on Monday chanted “lock her up” about Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

The chant broke out as Trump complained about Pelosi’s conduct during his State of the Union address last week.

“I had somebody behind me who was mumbling terribly. Mumbling,” Trump said, mocking Pelosi. “Very distracting.”

The crowd of thousands in Manchester coalesced into chants of “lock her up.” Trump stood at the podium nodding his head and mouthed the words “that’s true.”

“No, it was very distracting,” he added. “I’m speaking, and a woman is mumbling terribly behind me, angry.”