WATCH: Newt Predicts Bernie Will Lose to Trump and Cost Dems the House

Appearing on Fox News with guest host Dan Bongino former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was almost giddy about the prospect of Bernie Sanders being the Democratic party nominee, believing it’s a perfect matchup for President Trump.

Sanders is expected to win the Nevada Caucus today, and a strong Super Tuesday performance could potentially vault him into an insurmountable lead in the Dem nominee race.

Fox News reports Bernie Sanders has a “distant possibility of winning” the presidency in November, but there’s a much better chance his candidacy will end to Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as House speaker, Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich said Friday night.

“He’s the greatest gift Kevin McCarthy — the Republican leader in the House — could possibly hope for,” Gingrich said on “Hannity.” “Because Sanders really is the true Democratic Party. He represents all of the big-government ideas, all of the radicalism, all of the weird foreign policy that is at the heart of the Democratic Party.

Gingrich, 76, a former congressman from Georgia who served as House speaker from 1995-1999, then explained why he believes Sanders, an independent U.S. senator from Vermont, has little hope of defeating President Trump in November, if Sanders wins the Democratic nomination this summer.

“I think that the contrast between President Trump and his record, particularly on the economy, but just in general — I mean, think about the Trump judges and then ask, you know, can Sanders give us a list of people he would nominate to the Supreme Court?” Gingrich asked. “They would all be radicals. So, it could end up being one of the great historic campaigns in American history.”

Guest host Dan Bongino suggested that Sanders’ campaign is similar to those of George McGovern, Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis — past Democratic presidential nominees who each lost in emphatic fashion to Republicans during the late 20th century.

Gingrich agreed, adding that former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has tried to make that exact case.

“The challenge here is something very different — Bernie Sanders essentially is a bumper sticker,” he said. “It is a ‘Gosh, I’d love a nice future where I didn’t have to pay back my student loans, where everything was free, where somebody took care of me.’ And Sanders represents in that sense, a sort of a myth. And it’s very hard to fight a myth with facts.”