WATCH: Newt blasts Biden and Democrats, says “these are people who reject reality”

Appearing on Fox News, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich accused  Democrats of prioritizing the wrong issues and President Biden of rejecting reality.

“They aren’t interested in controlling the border, which is a huge issue for Americans, they’re uninterested in the rise of murders, which is a big issue to Americans,” Newt said.

“The Biden team, which includes Schumer and Pelosi and virtually every Democrat in Washington except maybe Manchin and Sinema…the Biden team is committed to a hard left, big government socialist model,” he continued. “They have to pay off the unions, that means they’ve got to pass big spending, they’ve got to find ways to take care of their allies and you see them literally tone deaf.”

“I actually don’t have the language, and i’ve been working on this…these are people who reject reality,” he added.