WATCH: Newsom warns Californians not to recall him, claims Larry Elder “Is To The Right Of Donald Trump”

Facing a recall election, California governor Gavin Newsom is warning Californians about his Republican challenger Larry Elder.

Newsom said, Per RCP:

When it comes to this recall, if you think I’m overstating, consider the RNC’s support, consider Newt Gingrich’s support, consider Devin Nunes’ support, consider Mike Huckabee’s support, consider Rudy Giuliani’s latest support of the leading candidate to replace me if we are unsuccessful, Larry Elder.

I think this is important to know, Larry Elder is running away with this on the other side.

I just hope folks, I’m going to level set, what could happen on election day, if we don’t turn out in historic numbers to vote no on this recall.

You have someone that’s not just opposed to a woman’s right to choose –he is– but actually wrote an op-ed saying women are not as smart as men on issues of civic affairs, on issues of economics and politics.

He is someone who doesn’t believe in the assault weapons ban.

He is someone who doesn’t believe in a corporate tax — should be 0%.

He is someone who doesn’t believe in the minimum wage. Fight for 15? He doesn’t believe there should be a minimum wage. It should be zero dollars.

He is someone who doesn’t believe, in this time of historic wildfires and droughts… and the looming prospect of an earthquake, he doesn’t even believe in FEMA. He thinks FEMA should be eliminated.

As he does the elimination of Social Security as we know it. He wants to privatize it, as he does with Medicaid and Medicare.

I could go down a list. He is to the right of Donald Trump. To the right of Donald Trump.