WATCH: Newsom Calls Graham “an Embarrassment” for Not Standing Against Trump

While appearing on “The View” California governor accused Senator Lindsey Graham an “embarrassment” for siding with President Trump.

Gavin Newsom:

Hey, I’m not going to turn into Lindsey Graham. I’m going to stand on principle. I’m going to fight for our adverse populations, fight for women’s rights, for the environment, for my kids and grandkids.

We’re going to stand up to a bully. We’re not going to capitulate. We’re going to do the right damn thing. We’re not trying to put a crowbar in the front wheel of his agenda, but at the same time, our folks, we’re going to have their backs, and he needs to know that.

Again, we’re winning. We’re not losing. So you know what? Damn it. We need people to stand up on principle. We need people to stand up for a cause.’ 

Asked why Republicans don’t stand up against Trump, Newsom told Joy Behar they are scared, he then said “He’s an embarrassment. He’s an embarrassment. He really is.


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