WATCH: Newly Elected Councilwoman Promises What Sure Sounds Like “Communism”

A newly elected city councilwoman in Denver is promising what sounds exactly like “communism” and “by any means necessary.”

Denverite reported that Candi CdeBaca on Wednesday became the fourth Denver City Council candidate in 32 years — and the second in this election — to unseat an incumbent council member, knocking off District 9 Councilman Albus Brooks in a runoff race.

CdeBaca will represent one of the busiest parts of Denver, a north-central district including Five Points, Lower Downtown, Globeville, Elyria, Swansea, Whittier, River North, Auraria, Cole, Clayton, City Park and City Park West.

She won with 52 percent of the vote.

CdeBaca then gave a press conference where she trashed capitalism, and promised to usher in communism by any means necessary.

100 Percent Fed Up reported that leftist commies are infiltrating city councils and other elected seats all across America to try and change our capitalist way of life. They’ve already infiltrated our schools, universities and our media.

Moonbattery sums up what’s happening across America in the best way possible…with honesty:

Maniacs like this have infiltrated city councils throughout the country. Demographics deliberately altered through immigration and welfare policy make their election not only possible but inevitable. In many if not all large cities, left-wing radicals are the dominant force. This will be a major factor in America’s downfall.

Watch the video: