WATCH: New Trump Campaign Ad Brutally Rips Pelosi Over Ice Cream Elitism

A new Trump campaign ad brutally rips House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale tweeted:

“Americans are losing their jobs since the virus rocked the economy. Nancy Pelosi blocks funding for people to keep getting paychecks. But she’s got a $24K fridge full of ice cream, so she’s cool.”

Transcript from DailyWire:


JOURNALIST 1: “We turn now to that $350 billion fund to help small businesses and it’s workers get through the shutdown.”

JOURNALIST 2: “It will be up to Congress to restock it.”

JOURNALIST 3: “But Democrats blocking that move this morning.”

DEMOCRAT NANCY PELOSI: “They asked for a quarter of a trillion dollars in 48 hours and I said well, ‘I don’t think so.’

CHYRON: “Americans are losing their jobs.”

DEMOCRAT NANCY PELOSI: “They objected and I congratulate the Senate Democrats.”

SHOW HOST: “Speaker Pelosi, what are you going to share with us from your home? ”

DEMOCRAT NANCY PELOSI: “Chocolate candy. ”

JOURNALIST 4: “Thousands have been forced to wait for hours at food banks all across the country.”

DEMOCRAT NANCY PELOSI: “This is chocolate, and then we have some other chocolate here. We just got it restocked with the ice cream.”

CHYRON: “Not everyone has a $24,000 stocked fridge.”

STRUGGLING AMERICAN 1: “You don’t want to eat up everything all at one time.”

STRUGGLING AMERICAN 2: “I can’t do it much longer. I am trying so hard.”

DEMOCRAT NANCY PELOSI: “We’re enjoying…”

STRUGGLING AMERICAN 3: “Having to admit that, yeah, we’re starving and…”

DEMOCRAT NANCY PELOSI: “I like it better than anything else.”

JOURNALIST 5: “Taping this segment, there are 22 million people out of work.”

JOURNALIST 6: “This specific program is about stopping job losses today.”

CHYRON: “Pelosi snacks on ice cream.”

JOURNALIST 7: “This is hurting people bad.”

DEMOCRAT NANCY PELOSI: “Other people in our family go for some other flavors”

CHYRON: “While Americans lose their paychecks”

STRUGGLING AMERICAN 1: “Right now it’s survival mode, you don’t know where that next something else is going to come from.”

DEMOCRAT NANCY PELOSI: “I don’t know what I would have done if ice cream were not invented. I just wonder”

CHYRON: “‘Let them eat ice cream’ – Nancy Antoinette.”


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