Nadler says if Trump rushes reopen to help win re-election “thousands of more people” will die

Appearing on MSNBC with Katy Tur, former impeachment manager Jerry Nadler made the claims that Trump is trying to reopen businesses quickly to make the economy look good for the election.

Nadler warns if “artificial politically motivated deadlines” rush the re-opening of the economy “thousands and thousands of more people” will die.

Rep. Jerry Nadler:

In terms of reopening, we have to be very, very careful. I know that the people are eager to reopen businesses, but there are several things to consider. Number one, people are not going to come back to restaurants so fast when they’re worried about their own health, so that’s a little premature.

Second of all, you can’t reopen businesses until we have enough testing that has been done, and far from enough testing has been done to justify allowing people to reduce the social distancing requirements. And we’ve been through this before. In the aftermath of 9/11, which is also my district, people were told by the secretary of — by the federal secretary, and by Mayor Giuliani, it was safe to go down and work in the World Trade Center area, and it was not.

People believed it, and that’s why we have thousands of thousands of people that are sick or who have died because they returned to those areas before they were safe. We have to be very careful we don’t do this again.

We know that President Trump is trying to for political reasons because he wants the economy to look good before his reelection — he’s trying to disregard the science and disregard the medical advice and get the businesses open again. If that happens, it’s going to lead predictably to a lot more people getting sick and to another surge of the virus.

The president is trying to impose artificial politically motivated deadlines so that the economy can look good before the third quarter for the election, but if that happens, we’ll simply get a lot — thousands and thousands of more people dead, and we can’t do that.


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