WATCH: Nadler Refers to Antifa as “Imaginary” Rep. Jordan Blasts Back

The House Judiciary Twitter Account responded to Rep. Nadler referring to Antifa as “imaginary.”

.@RepJerryNadler just said #ANTIFA was “imaginary.” Seriously? Tell that to the business owners whose shops were looted and destroyed.


Rep. Jim Jordan would not let it slide.

“I can’t believe the chairman of the Judiciary Committee would utter such a statement on the House floor.” he said.

“And if you don’t believe me, go talk to… Andy Ngo — the journalist in Portland who was attacked by Antifa, who the President of the United States designated as a terrorist organization, to have the chair of the Judiciary Committee say on the House floor this sentence: ‘Imaginary things like Antifa,’” the Ranking member on the Judiciary Committee added.

“They are far from imaginary and there are people from every major city in this country who know that, yet the chair of the Judiciary Committee just made that statement. That is scary!”

Jordan tweeted:

The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee just called #Antifa “imaginary.” Antifa is real. Ask the journalists they’ve attacked and the owners of businesses they’ve destroyed.


Kerri Kupec, DOJ tweeted Friday:

NEW: AG Barr has created task force on violent anti-government extremists, to be led by @USAO_NJ and @USAttyNealyCox.

“Some pretend to profess a message of freedom and progress, but they are in fact forces of anarchy, destruction, and coercion.”

From July 2019:

Here is Andy Ngo appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast last July.