WATCH: Nadler Claims Trump’s “Scheme” to Cheat in the 2020 Election Involved Getting Yovanovitch Out of the Way

While delivering open arguments, House impeachment manager Rep. Jerry Nadler made the argument that Trump’s “scheme” to cheat in the 2020 election involved getting former ambassador and Obama holdover Marie Yovanovitch “out of the way.”

Per NBC, Nadler wasted no time in jumping into a central argument behind the impeachment articles: that Trump’s dealings in Ukraine were aimed primarily at cheating in the 2020 election.

“Please remember that the object of the president’s Ukraine scheme was to obtain a corrupt advantage for his re-election campaign,” Nadler said. “As we will show, the president went to extraordinary lengths to cheat in the next election. That scheme begins with the attempt to get Ambassador Yovanovitch, quote, ‘out of the way,’ unquote.”

Nadler peppered his remarks with clips from the House testimony from Marie Yovanovitch, the ousted U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, and George Kent, a deputy assistant secretary of state who worked on Ukraine and several other countries, that focused largely on Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani’s role in the Ukraine affair.


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