WATCH: NAACP president argues a “taser” not a gun should have been used on Ma’Khia Bryant

Appearing on ABC News, NAACP President Derrick Johnson argued a taser should have been used on knife wielding teen Ma’Khia Bryant, who was shot by a police officer.

“Well, you know, we have a situation in Minnesota where a police officer claimed to be reaching for a taser, pulled a gun,” Johnosn said.

“And now, we have a situation in Ohio where a taser should have been used, and yet a gun was used. We have to create a new standard of trust and safety when it comes to law enforcement. And that can only happen if we have a federal policy floor that will give all of us a sense of security that when officers have been called out to these incidents, they have the proper training, they understand how to de-escalate, and the proper weapons are used that’s consistent with the threat or apparent threat that’s there. Now, until the investigation is completed and other footage come[s] out, we really don’t know what happened,” he added.