WATCH: Mueller Couldn’t Remember Which President Appointed Him to Be State AG

For Democrats, whose hopes of impeaching or otherwise harming President Trump hinged upon special counsel Robert Mueller’s Wednesday testimony, his performance before lawmakers proved to be an utter disappointment.

During his testimony, Mueller claimed to “not remember” key details, including alleging to have know knowledge of Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm which, along with others, was rooted at the center of his own investigation into allegations of collusion.

The 74-year-old Mueller, despite having been touted by the media as an unshakeable pillar of justice, appeared frazzled on the stand, and left many pundits with the impression that he had little to do with the probe he helmed.

In fact, when asked by a Democrat lawmaker which president appointed him to become the State’s Attorney for Massachusetts, Mueller asked, “Which senator?” before incorrectly stating that it was President Bush.

As Mueller struggled during his testimony, conservative pundits largely picked up on his apparent lack of understanding of both his own investigation, as well as questions asked on Wednesday.


Robert Mueller was unable to remember which president appointed him U.S. attorney for Massachusetts on Wednesday, highlighting just how shaky the former special counsel was during his House Judiciary Committee testimony.

“Which president appointed you to become the United States Attorney for Massachusetts?” Arizona Rep. Greg Stanton asked Mueller.

“Which senator?” Mueller asked.

“Which president,” repeated Stanton, a Democrat.

“I think that was President Bush,” Mueller said, referring to George H.W. Bush.

“According to my notes, it was President Ronald Reagan had the honor to do so,” said Stanton, as some in the audience laughed.