WATCH: MSNBC’s O’Donnell “The president is a Russian operative”

During is most recent show, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell referred to President Trump as “a Russian operative” as well as “Putin’s greatest achievement.”

Meanwhile a graphic behind him showed Trump and Putin shaking hands with the title “Putin’s Running Mate.”

Lawrence O’Donnell:

The president is a Russian operative. That sounds like the description of a bad Hollywood screenplay, but it is real.

It is Vladimir Putin’s greatest achievement, decades after America’s victory in the Cold War and collapse of the Soviet Union, the president of the United States is now helping the president of Russia help the president of the United States to get re-elected.

So that the president of Russia will have four more years of the president of the United States who he wants in the Oval Office, this is one of those shocking news days if you retain the capacity to be shocked in the Trump era by the Trump regime, which might be better labeled the Trump-Putin regime.


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