WATCH: MSNBC Reports El Paso Residents “Surprisingly Positive” Over Trump Visiting!

While 2020 candidate Beto warned Trump to stay away from El Paso, the President decided to visit anyway.

MSNBC spoke to some El Paso residents about Trump’s visit and were perhaps hoping that they would agree with Beto.

However, in a hit to Beto’s narrative, MSNBC reported that El Paso residents are “surprisingly positive” and feeling a “great spirit of togetherness.”


Trump supporters reacted to the irony.

This will not make @JoeNBC (Joe Scarborough) happy. Good for the people of El Paso for being better human beings than Joe.

Latinos love our @POTUS. @MSNBC stokes fear and hate and we are not falling for it.

MSNBC lives in a bubble of hate. Notice it isn’t Illegal immigrants committing crimes or illegal immigrants or even immigrants or Mexicans, now it’s expanded to “Latinos”. And they’re surprised. So dishonest to continue to divide and spread a fake narrative.

That’s the American way. We are compassionate human beings that don’t want harm to come to anyone whether its due to weather or some crazed person.